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Would you like to access your inventory remotely?

Would you like to Track transactions and run reports of our data?

Virtual Warehouse services are available!

These private pages have been developed to help you better manage your business by taking advantage of the many reports that The Judge Organization can provide regarding inventories, scheduled deliveries, and active management of code dated product. Please contact your account representative if you are interested in Virtual Warehouse Services for your business. (Services include but not limited to Transaction Tracking, Historical Report, Inventory Tracking, and Shipment Tracking.)

Warehouse Management System

Unparalleled information system creates your own Virtual Warehouse.

The Judge Organization's web-based connection to your product puts you in control any time, any day.

Your product is virtually within reach at all times.

  • All facilities throughout the country are on a common data platform

  • Real-time information through infra-red bar coding, Wireless Warehouse Management and EDI data management

  • Open access online to data, reporting and all aspects of lot control

  • Comprehensive automated reporting available

24/7 online portal access to:

  • Open Transactions

    - Receipts, shipments and adjustments

  • Inventory Items

    - Receipts and inventory on hand

  • Historical

    - Receipts, shipments and adjustments

  • Reports

    - Transaction Recap, Open Receipts Shipments, Historical and Item Availability

  • Our online portal also provides real-time and historical review of inventory movement.

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